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Gigabit Minnesota Update July 2018

9:52AM July 19, 2018

Gigabit Minnesota Update July 2018

Hello from Gigabit Minnesota……..Thanks for kicking off our summer so well! 

Last month I gave you "The Top 10 Reasons you want Fiber Internet in your Home!"  This list was effective in getting people to look at making the change to Gigabit Minnesota.  When you experience the difference between Fiber and Cable or DSL you will never go back!

 “What’s New” at Gigabit Minnesota –  - This new tool is off to a great start.  We have doubled our BACKERS to over 230 new backers so far in a little over one month after activation. This fantastic new footprint management system shows every address right down to the shape of each home for all of our customers and potential future customers. One of the system's uses is for people in un-served areas to band together and show us where to expand our footprint in the future.  We had a neighborhood in Lakeville band together and have 28 people signup in 1 weekend to tell us they want our services in their neighborhood and the numbers are growing daily.  This happened with no marketing from us and was truly an organic, grass roots effort to tell us they need better Internet. This is why we implemented this tool and we are looking at ways to build our services to them because of this effort. The system allows for online ordering of services and provides tools (Postcards, Twitter, Facebook, etc…) to help neighbors let each other about how great their Internet service is with Gigabit Minnesota.  Check these tools out in your Dashboard on this Portal.

NEW In-Home WiFi Management Service -

We are considering offering a new service where we manage your In-Home WiFi.  This service would be a monthly WiFi maintenance fee where we would supply and monitor your WiFi equipment.  I would love to hear your thoughts about what features you would want in a service like this and how much you would pay per month or annually for a service like this.

Video -

The costs of TV continue to rise at rates above the cost of inflation.  To keep costs down, we have to make choices as to the content we offer.  If there are channels you think we should drop to lower the increases on TV service please let me know.  This year NBC Universal which is owned by Comcast is up for renewal and we are expecting a substantial increase and a very difficult negotiation.  Our Content Buying Group consists of over 700 Companies representing over 7,000,000 Video Subscribers is united in trying to keep costs down for you our customers.  A company our size has no leverage over these large content providers, but being in our buying group does help.

Referral Program Enhancement -

$$$ Referral Program $$$ - As a company, we need more customers to help us expanded our footprint and keep making it the best service available anywhere.  It is shocking to us how many people do not know they can get fiber as an internet option.  To give you another reason to brag about how great our service is for you, I want to announce I’m upping my Referral offer for the month of AUGUST to a credit for one full month of the price of the Internet service you are currently buying from us.  If it is our $59.95 100Mbps service you get a $59.95 credit, if you are buying our 1Gig service for $199.95, I’ll give you a $199.95 credit for every customer you refer.  Just give them your full name or to be sure you get the credit on your account give them your GMN Account Number (GMNXXX) and have them put that information into the Referral Code box on the order sign-up questionnaire.  We will give you the credit the month the service is installed at your neighbor’s house.

Please tell all your neighbors NOW as this new referral credit to kick off our new footprint management system ends August 31st, 2018 as we are just trying to increase traffic to the new system. 

 We have had some great Testimonials in the past and we would like any customer to who would like to give a Testimonial about our services to go to the COMMENTS section of and leave a Testimonial about our service!  If you post a Testimonial, I will give you a surprise credit on your bill.

Network Update - Our construction crews are out and very busy expanding our fiber footprint.  We are also working on network equipment upgrades that will increase our backbone network speed to a 10Gig network.  Yes, this is also 10 times faster than my competitor’s latest upgrade. 

This summer we are increasing all of our current customer’s speeds under the following matrix:

       70/20Mbps customers   -to-    100/20Mbps
     100/30Mbps customers   -to-   100/100Mbps
     250/40Mbps customers   -to-   500/100Mbps
   1000/50Mbps customers   -to- 1000/100Mbps

Gigabit Minnesota Paperless Billing Policy to Save Natural Resources - Starting August 1, 2018, Gigabit Minnesota will implement paperless billing consistent with our other divisions, Velocity Telephone and USFamily.Net. Statements will only be sent via email and no longer thru the postal service. If you don't use email, you may print your current statement at any time under My Account.

If there is anyone that requires a 'mailed statement' they will be available at our regular rate of $3.00/statement. To continue receiving a paper statement via the postal service, just call us at (651) 888-4444 or go online to My Account.  Select 'Account Details' then 'Billing Email Address and Statement' option then 'Traditional - Send Paper Statement to Billing Address' followed by 'Save Changes'.

Electronic Billing - Gigabit MN offers electronic billing to avoid the hassles of lost checks, disrupted service and the associated monthly inconvenience and potential late payment fees. Call us at (651) 888-4444 or you may select pay by Credit Card by going online to your My Account.  Electronic Checking is not available yet in My Account, but if you would like to do Electronic Checking, please call us at (651) 888-4444 and we can help update your account.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Jim Hickle, President Gigabit Minnesota

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