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Gigabit Minnesota Update - May 2018

3:07PM May 29, 2018

Hello from Gigabit Minnesota……..It looks like summer is finally here and we want to THANK YOU for another great year of growth and for being one of our many wonderful customers. We are thrilled to be providing you the best Internet experience available anywhere in Minnesota and plan to continue keeping you, our customers, happy with leading edge technology.

What’s New at Gigabit Minnesota  - This is a new ‘Interest and Availability Tracking Tool’ that will help us plan for the expansion of our fiber services. This fantastic new footprint management system shows every address right down to the shape of each home for all of our customers and potential future customers. This system will allow people in areas where our service is currently unavailable to band together and help us expand our footprint to them faster. Last year we built out the northern Danbury Way area in this fashion and we are looking for other areas to build to this year. This system also allows you to order services online easily and provide tools to help neighbors let each other about how great their Internet service is.

$$$ Referral Program $$$ - To kickoff this new tool with our current customers, we would like to announce a great, new ‘Referral Program’ during the summer of 2018. In June we will be offering you, our current customers a $50.00 credit on your next bill for each neighbor that you get to sign-up. We need more customers like you to help us expand our footprint and keep making it the best service available anywhere. It is shocking to us how many people do not know they can get Gigabit Fiber as an Internet option at their home.

Simply give your neighbor referrals your Full Name or to be sure you get your credit, your GMN Account Number (GMNXXXX) to put into the Referral Code Box when they order service and complete the sign-up questionnaire on You will get your $50.00 credit the month the service is installed at your neighbor’s house.

Please tell all your neighbors NOW as this $50.00 referral credit won’t last long! Help us kickoff our new footprint management system and increase traffic to the new site. 

Network Update – In 2017 we finished a major equipment upgrade of our entire network to make it fully Gigabit enabled.  When we took over these fiber assets, the original fiber network had some maximum speeds as low as 20MBPS.  Because the network is all fiber optic based there is no upper limit to improving our network as technology improves and needs to expand.

Today we are working to improve our network once again by upgrading more network links from 1 Gigabit to 10 Gigabits.  As this enhancement rolls out in our network, we plan to give free speed enhancements to most of our present product offerings and users. Please do NOT call in and change to one of our new services or you will miss out on some 'current customer' benefits we are planning for our current customers.  Please look for more information on this later this summer!!!!

We will continue to announce new services available on and on our Gigabit Minnesota Facebook page. Please register and “Like Us” to stay in touch with all the new offerings and updates.

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