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January 2020

3:09PM January 27, 2020


It's Time to Cut the TV.....and SAVE $$$!!

An Agreement was reached at 11:59 pm on December 31st averting a shutdown of Fox News and FS1, but a significant price increase was still required from Fox. These cost increases are making our TV service just way too expensive so that is why we made the decision to leave the TV business effective January 31, 2020. We can help you move to the Future of TV...Over The Top TV!

What does this mean?  We are recommending that you save money and get better service by looking at the many new Over the Top TV services that are available today.  We are happy to help you transition to these new services, just give us a call (651) 888-4444 and set up a free appointment. 

Switching NOW will save you time and money. 

You can see our recommendations by clicking  HERE.

Our Internet is Cheaper, Faster and MORE Reliable than ANY of our Competitors!
Faster Internet has never been cheaper!
Regular Residential Pricing-

·         200/20Mbps as low as $59.95 *

·         500/50Mbps as low as $89.95 *

·         1000/100Mbps as low as $124.95 *


* NOTE: Speeds over 100Mbps require a Gigabit capable network and computers to experience the faster speeds.  If you are not getting the faster speeds, you probably have a piece of equipment that is limited to under 100Mbps.

To order our services go to check out all our new plans for your Home or Apartment and select the plan that works for you up to our 1000Mbps Gigabit service and we'll do the rest. 

Just use the Promo Code: FASTER20.  No contract necessary.

Refer and SAVE even MORE !!!!

Did you know you can get a $25.00 credit on your account for every referral you make who orders our services? 

Just tell them to use the Referral Code: RFR20 (Your Last Name or Account Number) i.e. RFR20HICKLE or RFR20GMNXXXX.

Could you help us out....

Review us on Next Door, Google and/or Yelp?

For NextDoor join your neighbors:

1) Open a browser and go to: NextDoor

2) Create an Account and select your Neighborhood.

3)  Click on Businesses and search for Gigabit Minnesota.

4)  Write a review or Recommendation, or just mention us in a post in your neighborhood.

For Google, the fastest way to get there is:

1. Open a browser and go to:

2. Search for "Gigabit MN"

3. Look for "Write a Review" on our listing on the right side, about half a page down

For Yelp it is simply:

1. Open a browser and go to:

2. Search for "Gigabit Minnesota"

3. Click on "Write a Review" on the top right of the page.

Both sites will require you to have or setup a login with them to verify you are authentic/real. If you have a Google account set up that works well as we could really  use the Google reviews even more than the Yelp reviews, but both are helpful to boost our presence on the Internet versus our big competitors.

Also feel free to like our Facebook page:  Gigabit MN

Jim Hickle, President Gigabit Minnesota

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