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June 2018 Update

1:57PM June 11, 2018

Gigabit Minnesota Update – June 2018

Hello from Gigabit Minnesota……..Thanks for kicking off our summer so well!  First I need to say thanks to one of our great customers, Dan, for helping me think of new ways to help our customers and future customers understand the significant differences between our Fiber Internet services and cable/DSL Internet services. 

So in my best David Letterman imitation………here they are:

The Top 10 Reasons you want Fiber Internet in your Home!

1) Upload Speed – Fiber is the only product that can handle data at the same time, at any speed and in both directions. Faster uploads make working from home and telecommuting easier and more productive. Symmetrical and Asymmetrical speeds available.

2)  Lower Latency - There is more to speed than how fast you can download or upload. Latency, or how fast data can go back and forth, is the most critical issue for realtime applications. Fiber is the only solution that can give you the latency performance you need now and in the future. Lower latency is critical to gamers, stock traders, telecommuters, programmers, phone calls and video conferencing...basically everything except a big download.

3)  Faster Upload and Download Speeds - This means more devices and users can run at the same time.

4)  Higher Bandwidth - Speed, speed, speed! Fiber can facilitate higher bandwidth for faster data transmission, as well as better audio and video quality and world-wide communications.

5)  Reliability - Fiber is much more reliable than copper (xDSL) or coax (cable) solutions. High-speed communications depend on the use of fiber optic cable to facilitate reliable network connections.

6)  Durability - Fiber optic cable is less susceptible to breakage than other types of cable, including cat 5 and coaxial cable.

7)  Less Interference - Other types of cable can fall victim to electromagnetic interference from sources such as radios and lights; fiber optic cable has a higher signal-carrying capacity and is not susceptible to interference.

8)  Adds to Your Home Value - Fiber can add at least $5000 to a home's resale value. Equal to a fireplace or hot tub!

9)  Telecommuting – Working from home is effortless with Fiber Internet.  Fiber provides the speed and low latency in both directions that you need to work from home using Video Conferencing and other business applications.  In Minnesota, you can avoid all the traffic issues caused by our two seasons…….Winter and Construction!

10)  Dedicated Resources, Upgradability, Security and Support – The technology of Fiber provides dedicated resources that are easily upgradable and gives additional security that provides fewer opportunities for hackers to take advantage of.  Fiber fails at a significantly lower rate as compared to copper/coax solutions and makes repairs faster and easier.

I guarantee Gigabit Minnesota is the best Internet value available at your home.  As a local Minnesota based company, we must earn our reputation every day.

Here is a brief update on “What’s New” at Gigabit Minnesota -  - This new tool is off to a great start.  We have over 120 new backers so far in a little over one week after activation. This fantastic new footprint management system shows every address right down to the shape of each home for all of our customers and potential future customers. One of the system's uses is for people in un-served areas to band together and help us expand our footprint to them faster.  This system allows for online ordering of services and provides tools to help neighbors let each other about how great their Internet service is with Gigabit MN.

Network Update - Our construction crews are out and very busy expanding our fiber footprint.  We are also working on network equipment upgrades that will increase our backbone network speed to a 10Gig network.  Yes, this is also 10 times faster than my competitor’s latest upgrade. 

This summer we are increasing all of our current customer’s speeds under the following matrix:

       70/20Mbps customers   -to-    100/20Mbps
     100/30Mbps customers   -to-   100/100Mbps
     250/40Mbps customers   -to-   500/100Mbps
   1000/50Mbps customers   -to- 1000/100Mbps

TV Update - If you haven’t noticed already TV is changing.  Cable companies like Charter and Comcast are losing 100’s of thousands of video subscribers every year and are now increasing the prices of their broadband services. They are losing TV customers every month to alternative Internet Only Video options including: Netflix, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu, Google TV and many more. At the same time, video content prices are skyrocketing as the content providers demand higher and higher prices. Rates are rising 2 to 3 times the rate of inflation. To combat this, we are going to be your one-stop shopping point for all these alternative Video services. Just check out the 'Products' page on for our alternative video options. Our significantly higher Internet speeds will give you the performance you need to take advantage of these potentially lower cost TV Alternatives.

Gigabit Minnesota Paperless Billing Policy to Save Natural Resources - Starting August 1, 2018, Gigabit Minnesota will implement paperless billing consistent with our other divisions, Velocity Telephone and USFamily.Net. Statements will only be sent via email and no longer thru the postal service. If you don't use email, you may print your current statement at any time under My Account.

If there is anyone that requires a 'mailed statement' they will be available at our regular rate of $3.00/statement. To continue receiving a  paper statement via the postal service, just call us at (651) 888-4444 or go online to My Account.  Select 'Account Details' then 'Billing Email Address and Statement' option then 'Traditional - Send Paper Statement to Billing Address' followed by 'Save Changes'.

Electronic Billing - Gigabit MN offers electronic billing to avoid the hassles of lost checks, disrupted service and the associated monthly inconvenience and potential late payment fees. Call us at (651) 888-4444 or you may select pay by Credit Card by going online to your My Account.  Electronic Checking is not available yet in My Account, but if you would like to do Electronic Checking, please call us at (651) 888-4444 and we can help update your account.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Jim Hickle, President Gigabit Minnesota

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