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New Feature on and Net Neutrality

2:47PM June 19, 2018

New Feature on -

We have added a new feature to our Availability tool, that will allow registered contacts to send postcards to their neighbors asking them to Join with their neighbors to bring faster Internet to their neighborhood.  Just sign in and go to you Dashboard, You can send postcards, emails, Facebook Posts, Twitter messages all at no charge to you to encourage your neighbors to help meet your neighborhood build goals to bring faster more reliable Internet to your neighborhood.

Net Neutrality -

I just wanted to let all our customers and potential customers know that the Internet did not die last Monday because of the replacement of the 2015 Open Internet Order with the 2018 Restoring Internet Freedom Order by the FCC.  This new FCC Order that went into effect last Monday will not change how we provide Internet service.  Here is our position on Net Neutrality that you can find in our Acceptable Use Policy or on our web page under Net Neutrality:


Net Neutrality Statement:
We support Net Neutrality without the additional burdens of Title II regulations.

·         We do NOT block or throttle consumer access to lawful internet content;

·         We do NOT use consumer data without consent for marketing and we do NOT resell it to third parties;

·         We do NOT engage in unlawful or anti-competitive discrimination against websites, streaming video services, and voice applications that may compete with traditional services we offer;

·         We do NOT offer pay-for-priority services;

·         We do INVEST in fiber networks to give our consumers the internet speed, capacity and services they want most.


We believe in a free and open Internet, but we do not believe unnecessary Government Regulations, The 2015 Open Internet Order delayed much of our expansion plans while we spent valuable time and money with attorneys and regulators trying to comply with the outdated and burdensome regulations of the 2015 Order.  I have had several long discussions with customers and potential customers about this issue and just wanted to let everyone know what we believe and what the true reason was for us not building more fiber faster for the last 3 years.

Testimonials -

We love to hear from you about our service.  Please go to the COMMENTS page on and leave a Testimonial about our service.  We will be asking people who have give us Testimonials to add them to this page so all of our customer and potential customers can read about our services!


Jim Hickle, President Gigabit Minnesota

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