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Update May 2019

2:28PM June 03, 2019

What a start to the Month of May!

First, I want to thank everyone for the kind words to me and our team during the Fiber Cut.  As one person said, "No one wants their internet down, but updates every 3 hours was perfect, thanks for the clear consistent communication and the hard work to get us back on track."  We agree that communication is the most important part of bad situations like this, only behind getting it fixed as soon as possible!

I have to acknowledge my Owner who spent all night at the fiber cut site in South Minneapolis to be sure we were the first fibers spliced.  My Head Tech who was up all night working with the provider and our affected customers re-routing phone numbers and traffic as best we could.  It was a great team effort to work through this major disruption to our customers and staff.

We are investigating this outage and we will provide more information soon.  

We have a NEW Rosemount Office!

We have been trying to move our Fiber Construction Division to Rosemount for almost 4 1/2 years and we finally have a new home.  Our new Construction Office is at 14345 Biscayne Ave in Rosemount.  This new shop and installation tech office will bring together our fiber construction team and our installation techs.  The biggest benefit is that our construction team will not be wasting 3 hours a day going back and forth to Savage for equipment.  The new shop is perfect for the storing and maintaining the equipment and materials we need to build more fiber in Rosemount.  We are working with the landlord to improve the property's appearance and look forward to calling this our home for a long time.

Checkout our Faster Speeds and New pricing for Current and Previous Customers!
Faster Internet has never been cheaper!

We have lowered our regular prices and increased our speeds on our NEW Internet services for our current and previous customers:

·         200/20Mbps as low as $59.95 *

·         500/50Mbps as low as $89.95 *

·         1000/100Mbps as low as $124.95 *


* NOTE: Speeds over 100Mbps require a Gigabit capable network and computers to experience the faster speeds.

To order one of these new services go to check out all our new plans, select the plan that works for you up to our 1000Mbps Gigabit service and we'll do the rest.  Just use the Promo Code: UPGRADE052019.  No contract necessary.

Don't Forget....Refer and SAVE!!!!

Did you know you can get a $25.00 credit on your account for every referral you get to order our services? 

Just tell them to use the Referral Code: RFR052019 (Your Last Name or Account Number) i.e. RFR0519HICKLE or RFR0519GMN1111.

I've been sending this information for several months, but it is still a great way for you to save money on your cable bill:

What is Cord Cutting?

Many of us here at Gigabit Minnesota have cut the cord and are now using an Antenna and Over The Top (OTT) Video services such as PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Direct TV Now just to name a few.  There are also other more specific services like Netflix, FubuTV, Curiosity Stream and many others.  We have purchased Antennas, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Apple TV and other Set Top boxes to watch these less costly services.  I personally cut my “cord” (Dish) in December and cut my cost from $133.95/mo to $53.00 per month. 

Should you Cut the Cord?

Here is a quick checklist for you to answer some of your questions:

Internet – All of our new speeds will be more than adequate for any cord cutting service you choose.  The 200/20 will be great the 500/50 better and the 1000/100 you will have no issues at all.

Set Tops – Chromecast, Roku, Fire, Apple TV, etc all have their benefits and detriments. 

Here is some non-biased information:  Set Top Comparison

Cord Cutting Starter Guide 1

Cord Cutting Starter Guide 2

OTT Services – The choice depends on what you like to watch.  I liked Playstation Vue because it is similar to a regular cable offering (local channels and pay stations) in a grid guide format.  I chose this for my personal use because of the channels I watch (Wild Hockey). Here is a link to see the various packages they offer - PlayStation Vue

There are many options and it really is personal preference.  Here is a nice website and a chart you can use to choose options: 


Cord Cutter Service Comparison

Cord Cutter Service Chart

Other Screens (Phones, Lap Tops, Tablets) – How these devices work with the different streaming services is dictated by the service you choose.  Some won’t work with all tablets or computer operating systems.  Lots of choices and personal usage all come into play when making this decision.

Here is a nice non-biased site I read daily:  Cord Cutters Daily

As you can see it is not an easy, simple subject and I don’t profess to have all the answers either.  Watch our website for a list of options you can explore to lower your cost of watching TV.  Our Fiber Internet is the best Internet available to you to switch to these new OTT services and will provide you the best user experience.  Feel free to share your Cord Cutting Stories on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more updates.........Thanks again for all your kind words and if you have any subject or information you think I could provide in this newsletter, just drop me a note!

Jim Hickle, President Gigabit Minnesota

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