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Update September 2018

7:47AM September 07, 2018

Gigabit Minnesota Update September 2018

Back to School.....Do you have enough Bandwidth?

Here is a graphic that migh help you determine how much bandwidth you need:

With the kids going back to school, it is a good time to make a list of all your devices and total them up to see where you might be.  Total Devices on the network affect speed especially if your WiFi can't handle all the devices you are putting on your network.  We still have the fastest and lowest cost Internet service you can get at your home.

"JOIN" Gigabit Minnesota –

The ordering tool has been improved and you can now place orders for services easily into the tool and it will automatically generate an installation workorder of your new services.  You can comment and track new services and we can also use the tool to notify you easily about fiber cuts and outages.  This new tool also continues to show us where to build fiber and we will begin planning 2019 builds, so please sign-up and get your neighbors to sign-up today!

NEW In-Home WiFi Management Service -

We are considering offering a new service where we manage your In-Home WiFi.  This service would be a monthly WiFi maintenance fee where we would supply and monitor your WiFi equipment.  I would love to hear your thoughts about what features you would want in a service like this and how much you would pay per month or annually for a service like this.  We are considering a $99.95/year Managed WiFi agreement that would include the install and management of the WiFi router.  Please let me know your thoughts by clicking COMMENTS and leaving me a comment. 

NEW New Over the Top Video Services -

Are you tired of high content costs, don't watch sports, looking for a less expensive TV option?  Then check out our expanding list of Video Alternatives on our Products page.  You don't have to be an Internet customer of ours but our super fast speeds do help.  Check them out HERE.

Gigabit Minnesota Paperless Billing Policy to Save Natural Resources - Starting August 1, 2018, Gigabit Minnesota we implemented paperless billing consistent with our other divisions, Velocity Telephone and USFamily.Net. Statements will only be sent via email and no longer thru the postal service. If you don't use email, you may print your current statement at any time under My Account.

If there is anyone that requires a 'mailed statement' they will be available at our regular rate of $3.00/statement. To continue receiving a paper statement via the postal service, just call us at (651) 888-4444 or go online to My Account.  Select 'Account Details' then 'Billing Email Address and Statement' option then 'Traditional - Send Paper Statement to Billing Address' followed by 'Save Changes'.

Electronic Billing - Gigabit MN offers electronic billing to avoid the hassles of lost checks, disrupted service and the associated monthly inconvenience and potential late payment fees. Call us at (651) 888-4444 or you may select pay by Credit Card by going online to your My Account.  Electronic Checking is not available yet in My Account, but if you would like to do Electronic Checking, please call us at (651) 888-4444 and we can help update your account.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Jim Hickle, President Gigabit Minnesota

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